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So Darn Cute

I groaned. A reminder popped-up on my calendar that I had promised to do something with sheer/semi-sheer fabrics at least once a month. It was time to at least think about a project. I gave it consideration for a about 3 days. Sorted through fabrics and finally selected a printed, rayon knit:

The printed stripes are opaque. The plain white barely passes the WRT.  I admit I’m not as modest as many.  I don’t want my bra strap visible outside my garment (i.e. strap sliding down the arm), but the top crest of my bra visible as a light line doesn’t bother me.  Also, I’m not inclined to duck for cover if you see my sides or back as long as no under-boob is clearly apparent. So I’m relying on the WRT to guide me because semi-sheer those not quite translucent, befuddle me. The WRT said I needed to do something. I wish I could take credit for this idea myself, but my Craftsy Instructor  Sara Alm (Essential Guide to Sewing with Sheers). Gets the credit for PLEATS.

I played with the fabric folding it back and forth; horizontally, vertically; 1″ 2″, etc. I played maybe 20 minutes and decided how I wanted the pleats to lie. I measured my body and decided upon 15 inch long pleats. Then I whacked a 28″ length from my 1.5 yards; folded and stitched pleats.   I hadn’t put away my by-now much-loved Otto Tank pattern so that was a no brainer. The sewing was simple and quick.  I did tape the front neckline and shoulders as usual. I also opted for the up-and-over Type A binding for both neckline and armscyes. I ruined a project just a few days ago trying to cut and stitch binding cut lengthwise down the fabric.  I wanted a solid colored binding so cut 1.50 and 1.25″ strips from polyester Tricot on hand to use as the binding.


Beautiful, if I’m allowed to brag on myself. The fit of the pattern changes slightly because of  ease added by the pleats. The back looks almost A-line.

While I think a new bra is responsible for the chesty side view:

and the front is So Darn Cute, I can’t help smiling

Modesty issue?  SOLVED.



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