Conquering Sheer Fabrics

Total Cop Out

I admit it a camisole is a total cop-out although a perfectly reasonable option when dealing with sheer fabrics.   On top of being a cop-out sheer fabric wise, mine is purchased from Walmart of all places and fits terribly:


It did however give me my first opportunity to use one of the built-in decorative stitches of my new Dream Machine which unfortunately does not show well in the pics. But I have this lovely little flower design repeated along the rehemmed edge. Yep, rehemmed. In addition to fitting poorly, it was also 4″ too long. I almost passed it by. I knew I could make a cami at home but I didn’t have the fabric. I would have to go shopping for fabric; and then I know me, I’d fool around trying to remember the details so I could  adapt my pattern.  Sometimes, especially when no one will see the garment, it’s just best to have it done.

The cami has an incredible effect on garment. Yes it makes them opaque vs see-through or grin-through but also helps the hang of the final garment.  This is dolman, sweater knit without cami:

In addition to grin-through, the top of my buttocks are prominent, the bust drag lines pronounced and the waistband bulges. Slip the cami on first:

The back is smooth; bust drag lines reduced and waistband invisible. Even if this cami lasts only this winter season, it’s worth the cost.  I can now copy its details as well as improving the appearance of my sweater knit garment.



Comments on: "Total Cop Out" (3)

  1. I’m not at all surprised. Your cami is working exactly as it should be, just like a slip does when wearing a skirt. The young girls think wearing such things is old fashioned and perhaps it is, but why wouldn’t one wear a camisole or a slip if it dramatically improves the look of one’s clothing? I’m baffled by that attitude.

    • Glad you agree because that’s exactly why I made this post. I wanted to show why underwear is needed even a convience. I’ve underlined other sheers. A cami is so much easier.


  2. […] since this pattern usually fits near perfect and often perfect.  Remembering what a difference a cami made for my sweater knit garments, I’ll plan to wear one with this tunic as […]

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