Conquering Sheer Fabrics


Sheer Fabrics defeat me.  Partly it is that I have little use for sheers in my life. I mean, how many sheer curtains do I need to hang? Don’t forget, we’re talking cold Dakota weather. Sheer curtains aren’t the first choice up here. No the first choice, is either nothing, or something with a significant R-factor.

And, I don’t really care to sew lingerie.  Especially the kind that make use of sheer fabrics. Think about it. I would invest lots of time and varying amounts of money for a garment that will be worn 5-6 minutes for 5-6 times. I’m sure I can get the same effect from RTW and for the time the garment will be worn, who cares about fit, eh?

Nonetheless, sheer and semi-sheer fabrics make their way into my stash. I do try to avoid them.  On the most recent fabric order, the last thing I did was go back and check that I didn’t have any sheers in the basket. So how did I get 2?  Well they weren’t described as sheer. Their description was “silk chiffon”.  The vendor was entirely correct. I should have known that chiffon be it polyester, nylon or silk will by it’s very nature be sheer.

One saving grace of sheers is that they fold compactly. They don’t necessarily stay neat on the shelf, but they do fold into a small amount of space. But right now I’m looking at a significant amount of sheers. In my stash. Waiting to be utilized. Almost, begging to be utilized.

I seriously considered donating them all. But in retrospect, sheers seem to be a weakness for me. As much as a consciously try to avoid them, my subconscious keeps bringing them home. I say time to figure out how to make use of sheers in my life.

Your thoughts?

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