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Crochet Neckline

OK that’s not real crochet, it is Free Standing Lace (FSL). Except I don’t do true FSL.  Haven’t done it since my disaster with Marie’s angel. What I do is a sandwich of water-soluble stabilizer (WSS) a later of tule (matching color is possible) and a top layer of FSL. These bookmarks by Bejoscha would not cooperate with my PE770. Oh they stitched, but the bobbin thread completely covered the top. I changed needles. I reduced tension. I slowed the machine. Finally I wondered if something had happened since the last time I embroidered. I test with a previously used  embroidery but using the setup of that embroidery which was WSS, Fashion Fabric and WSS sandwich.   Worked perfectly. So I tried the bookmark again, but using the Fashion Fabric sandwich.  It worked.

I didn’t test again with tulle, but I did ponder my next step. I didn’t want a fashion fabric to show up in my final garment.  I wanted my trim to look like FSL Crochet. I finally remembered and hunted until I found a sheer, polyester crepe in nearly the same color.


I made two. Then I realized that I made exactly two and this bookmark clearly has a left and a right side.  So I mirrored the design and made two more.   I Frey Checked the edges and trimmed closely using my rotary cutter and ruler. I pinned a mirrored pair around the neckline (with the point hanging above the neckline edge) and then basted into place.  I check position . I know it looks uneven above, but I promise, put it down and the ironing board and smooth everything into place.  The two are mirrored and aligned. On my body is another story.

I still had two bookmarks left.  I trimmed them closely, applied a little glue stick to the back and then centered and aligned 2″ above the raw hem edge.

Let dry a few minutes and then stitch into place.  For permanent stitching I used a narrow (1.5mm) short (2mm) zig zag. The color matches so well that it doesn’t show; and I have a trim on the sleeves that coordinates with the trim around the front placket.

The sheer fabric remains invisible.  The sheer is very valuable because it achieves the effect I wanted.


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